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User Interface Technologies


To enable Zapyl users access their project management, automation, and ticketing tools, the primary interface takes the form of a website.


React is the primary user interface library used to build our application. Using a virtual DOM, React is able to render in components to create a true SPA experience.

React is used in conjunction with the following technologies builds our front end:


Redux is what we use for our state container. Redux provides a flexible, predictable, centralized and debuggable state management.



CSS and Bootstrap 4.0 are used to style our website with a modern, mobile-friendly design.


JSX is the syntactic sugar of react, taking the place of HTML until it reaches the DOM.

Future developments

A native mobile application for iOS and Android is set for future developments

Back End Technologies


Open source web framework extending the .Net framework used to build modern web applications. We explicitly use it to build the backend and authentication for our web app.

MS SQL Server

Microsofts relational database management service used to store the data for our application.

Future Developments

We hope to use PyTorch to bring in extended automation for our customers. We will integrate this using Torch.Net