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  • Zapyl ✓ Technologies ✓ Powerful Checklists

    Zapyl ✓ Technologies ✓ Powerful Checklists

    User Interface Technologies FOR THE WEB To enable Zapyl users access their project management, automation, and ticketing tools, the primary interface takes the form of a website. React React is the primary user interface library used to build our application. Using a virtual DOM, React is able to render in components to create a true…

  • ZAPYL ✓ Design Overview ✓ Powerful Checklists to Create Smart Systems

    ZAPYL ✓ Design Overview ✓ Powerful Checklists to Create Smart Systems

    More than a Checklist. Manage your entire workflow with a convenient and simple solution. Manage customer Interaction in a meaningful way. Simple. Powerful. Complete. Create easy to follow check lists Update your preconceptions – checklists are now powerful. Expect to be surprised how a simple checklist can manage your workflow. Collaborate effectively amongst your team…

  • Quick Guide to CSS Flex

    Quick Guide to CSS Flex

    CSS flex, or the Flexible Box Layout Module, is a layout system that allows you to create flexible and responsive layouts for your webpage. It allows you to specify how elements should be displayed in relation to their parent container, and how they should adjust to different screen sizes and devices.